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Free Ticket – Growth Marketing Summit

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I go back to 1999 investing in domain names. I’ve had to admit recently I missed the boat. Domain names are, and investing in domain names is great. I still don’t think there is another asset where the bid ask spreads presents the profit levels of domain names.

But Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing has blown past domains in terms of total revenue, eyeballs and strategies for growing online businesses.

If your capitalized to buy and hold and don’t need a boost, don’t bother with this post.  But if not, start thinking about growing your names into internet businesses. Start growing your own domain business. And get help from others.

I’ve been using these EntrepreneurHQ Virtual Summits to hear from the best marketers globally, and i recommend listening to some of the segments.

Your going to learn something you didn’t know before. Your going to start hearing and being able to transfer out in your sales pitches and online communications todays’ terms and strategies.

You may end up paying to get later access, more stuff and extras. Its been worth it for me.

This weeks Summit.


At DomainCostClub, you pay a yearly membership fee of $9.99 to $99.99, and then pay cost for domain names,and costlike prices for other services, with some free.   You can save 10-100% off even the lowest priced registrar with DomainCostClub.com

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Nice clean smooth interface.  You pay extra to use paypal and some other fees kick in, but we can’t find a lower priced registrar.

And for new tlds investors, check out their prices on premiums.

You can look for free, type in name to registrar or transfer and you will see the regular and member price.  You might save 2-10 times your membership fee with just one premium domain name.

Ebates – Rebates at Registrars and Hosting Companies

Use Ebates to get a real live check each month, rebating you 5-20% of your purchases at various registrars and hosting companies, and tons of other online merchants.

Sure, miles are great on your credit card, paid once a year – get an Ebates check monthly or quarterly. You just go to Ebates before shopping, usually many places you already spend online – or use their browser plugin or app.

I’ve been using for about 2 years. Its easy and you receive immediate feedback on your purchase, and rebate amount.  If you think they missed it, click a couple of buttons and they research and usually credit any lapses.

And then just when you forget about it, you get a $10-200 check in the mail.

Use our paid promotional link, we are an affiliate, and you get $10 free after your first spend, enough for a free domain name. Free domain – use it to buy a maybe or one you just want to get.

Think of your return on a $0 investment, its infinite.

Domain Name Deals
Domain Name Deals at Ebates.com


Beyond Parking – Easy Development

Want to have some of your sites take advantage of the Millionaire from Home, Guru Type tricks and techniques, try JVZoo.com

I’ve been using these templates, plugin, landing pages and lead generation growth marketing tools for about a year.

Its takes a little work, but you only get out what you put in. Ive used these for Amazon Stores, Video Content sites and funnels and leadpages.

Check out JVZoo.

They send out a once a day email with the theme, template offer of the day. Wait for one that appeals to you.  many have a cheap introductory offer, then 1 or 2 up-sells. Wait for one you will really work on. Spend an hour, have a better website on one of your domain names.