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Ebates.com Deals

Use Ebates to get a real live check each month, rebating you 5-20% of your purchases at various registrars and hosting companies, and tons of other online merchants.

Sure, miles are great on your credit card, paid once a year – get an Ebates check monthly or quarterly. You just go to Ebates before shopping, usually many places you already spend online – or use their browser plugin or app.

I’ve been using for about 2 years. Its easy and you receive immediate feedback on your purchase, and rebate amount.  If you think they missed it, click a couple of buttons and they research and usually credit any lapses.

And then just when you forget about it, you get a $10-200 check in the mail.

Use our paid promotional link, we are an affiliate, and you get $10 free after your first spend, enough for a free domain name. Free domain – use it to buy a maybe or one you just want to get.

Think of your return on a $0 investment, its infinite.

Domain Name Deals
Domain Name Deals at Ebates.com


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